This page is going to be the current (and possibly temporary) hub for my journey in trying to learn web development! I'll be jotting down notes and things that I learn or find interesting, both as a means of tracking my progress and hosting ideas for how to improve and eventually revamp this site. I'm also hoping to properly design and set up my art portfolio website, as the domain is currently sitting unused all by its lonesome. Stay tuned if you're interested at all in my newbie ramblings!

11.25.2023 || Getting Started

To get the ball rolling, I've decided to bite the bullet and change the method of learning for HTML and CSS. At first I'd been scouring the internet for articles and YouTube videos that felt like things weren't being explained thoroughly enough, or otherwise going too fast without emphasizing the importance of certain basic core concepts. The current skeleton of this website looks the way it does because of this struggle to find an easy and comprehensive learning path that could help me learn how to enter into the world of personal web development.

This second try is going to be led by the textbook Web Development and Design Foundations With HTML5, 10th Edition by Terry Felke-Morris. I'm not sure how this will go just yet, but I've always preferred physical textbooks and hard copy resources, so maybe this will be easier for me to study from. I'll also be posting links to websites that I find while crawling Neocities and other spaces in the web that I come across, whether they be educational resource sites or personal ones that I think are particularly impressive and/or interesting.

Let the learning begin!