3.23.2023 | A cover experiment

This isn't the typical musical entry (as well as being the first in a few weeks), but I figured I'd share it here since I'm also going to share my art/drawings here from time to time. Recently I discovered a song called Were You Nervous by Speech Patterns. Both the original and stripped/acoustic versions were amazing to me, and I decided to try and take a crack at covering it in the style of the acoustic version of the song. Not really sure how to do anything related to music production, so I enslisted the help of downupmusic on Fiverr to do the mixing and mastering, which turned out with a pretty cool finished product in my opinion! If anyone happens to stumble across this page and wants to listen to it, check it out here:

2.25.2023 | The Fantastic Failure

This song is from a band that holds a very near and dear place in my heart, named Failure. I first heard about them through a podcast a few years back where their 1996 album Fantastic Planet was recommended, and when I gave it a listen I immediately fell in love. They have a great melancholic space rock vibe that makes me want to float into the night... or some other flowery metaphor. it's good fucking music. Today's recommendation is Counterfeit Sky from their 2015 album The Heart is a Monster. There's something about the crunchy, droning guitar riff and floaty vocals that scratches my brain in just the right way... and the music video is pretty freakin' cool too. Check out the song on their BandCamp here:

2.24.2023 | An Unusual Gem

Today's track has always been an odd one for me, not because I think it's bad but listen to it anyway but because it's a sound that I don't often find in the music that I like to listen to. This one is called Hold It Over me by stop.drop.rewind. A quick check on their Spotify bio says they're a "progressive powerpop" band, and that their sound is a mix of pop punk with improvisational jazz and progressive rock influences, which I do think is a pretty accurate way to describe the way they sound. I've only listened to the one song, but I feel as though their description fits pretty well with it. It's quirky, it's catchy, and I really like it. It's kind of a song that I'd be more likely to listen to specifically when I'm in the mood for it, but really enjoyable nonetheless. Check it out on Spotify here:

2.23.2023 | Lofi Take on a Childhood Favorite

This isn't a track with any vocals, seeing as it's a theme from an anime, but I've been diving pretty hard into some childhood favorites of mine and I think I'm back into Yu-Gi-Oh now? So I'm going to take a moment to share a nice lofi mix of one of my favorite tracks from the original Duel Monsters series called Passionate Duelist by Jupiter Productions. It's the perfect amount of hopeful and determined and generally just fucking rules. This mix doesn't intend to match its energy since it's lofi, but it's a pretty great reimagining of a track that's super dear to my heart. Check out the remix/cover here:

2.22.2023 | Spunky and Catchy

I can't quite remember where I found this one, except for maybe on my Discover Weekly or hiding out in a friend's playlist. Endeavor by Arrows in Action is my humble little recommendation for today!

This song is so damn catchy I just can't help but recommend it... I've been humming it to myself without even knowing the lyrics yet, it's been stuck in my head so much. This comes from their 2021 album Be More. If you want to listen to Endeavor, check it out:

2.21.2023 | A recent favorite

Today's song is one that I immediately became drawn to after first hearing it during a concert by the artist, shortly before its official release. The song Ok Then by Matt Watson is so fucking pleasing and fun to listen to for me because of the catchiness and general sense of melancholy and wistfulness hiding in the lyrics in a great combo. While Matt's mostly known for his comedy stuff on the channel SuperMega, I've been having a great time keeping up with the music he's started putting out, such as his 2022 debut album SEE YOU THERE.

Here's the track Ok Then if you wanna give it a listen:

2.20.2023 | Kicking things off

Welcome to the music corner! This is going to be where I share songs that I'm currently listening to, and where I may also listen to new music and give my thoughts on them in related blogs. Let's see how this goes!

To start things off, I wanted to share a song that I found through pure happenstance: Breathe Underwater by The Caulfields. This comes from their 1995 album Whirligig, one of probably a few dozen albums that I discovered for the first time while browsing CDs at my local thrift shops. I haven't listened to the entire album very much, but this particular song is nice and floaty... pretty enjoyable. :)

If you want to give the song a listen for yourself, feel free to check it out on Spotify here: